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Self Defense For Corporates

Contact Combat India offers Self-defense training for employees and employers or corporate teams at the office. Learn to protect yourself for travel, area, situation and more. We cover current crimes, situational awareness and strategies to reduce risks. We also get employees engaged to change the way they think of dealing with violence through fundamental defensive tactics, reaction drills and techniques that everyone deserves to know. Our team can handle all or your corporate training needs!


Known for its simple techniques based on natural body moments and focused on quick learning and application on real-world situations, Krav Maga has come a long way since its inception in 1940's for the Israeli defence and security forces. Krav Maga employs fighting techniques that are simple to learn and lethal to execute. It can be absorbed by any person regardless of gender, age, shape or size in a short duration of time. So, whether it’s an uninvited hugger or a gun-wielding maniac, Krav Maga will teach you to defend from every spectrum of attack efficiently & in the shortest possible time. In today’s fast-paced society, crime and violence are on the rise making self-defence a necessity, especially for vulnerable sections of society like working professionals, women & children, who are exposed to real-world danger.

Contact Combat India teaches how to apply the principles, tactics, techniques and training methods of Krav Maga in your professional environment as well as in your private life. Under the guidance of Internationally certified instructors, you will experience Corporate Krav Maga training first-hand and discuss its implications for both the boardroom and the corporate world. The curriculum is designed keeping the need for training in Krav Maga in the shortest possible time. It aims at imparting the basics & advanced Krav Maga in a time frame tailored to the convenience of the individual & corporates. We offer the best corporate self defence training in Gurugram to enable the working individuals to be safe & stress free while working.


s a head of "Human Resources Department" , you are not only tasked to hire the right talent but also to train and retrain them at all cost. According to a study, the human part of an organisation sums up to 80 percent of the organisation’s assets; reason enough for you to keep them Fit, Healthy, Happy, and secured both on and off the Job. With the rise in the violence, it is not uncommon for employees of an organisation to fall victim to violence. Where it happens is irrelevant but it invariably causes lot of pain to the employees, their family and organisation alike. Corporates of all sizes are now looking at Self Defence to protect their staff. While there are many martial arts available but the need of the hour is a system which is reality-based and is a pure no-nonsense Self Defence which can be absorbed quickly. Violence not only harms a person physically but also causes stress, anxiety, low morale and conflict, which is not desirable for an organisation, its growth and people in it. Krav Maga is known to lower the stress level of people since it works on channelling and controlling adrenaline dump to get out of an ugly and violent situation. We also offer the best corporate fitness training in Gurugram.


  • Promotes healthy lifestyle
  • Life-saving skills
  • Acts as a deterrent to violence at workplace
  • Increased situational awareness helps in stopping violence before it happens
  • Confident, calm, & stressfree workforce
  • Promotes out of the box thinking and problem solving
  • Managing adrenaline dump leads better focus under pressure.
  • Fun at work
  • Increased productivity
  • Happy employees
  • Better at understanding body language

Employees who are capable of protecting them selves are more confident, which directly affects their level of performance and their leadership potential. Untrained individuals tend to avoid situations where they are required to be open to new situations and people. Self defense training helps to build confidence, increase self-esteem, and a greater sense of leadership presence. Confident people tend to be more able to overcome obstacles and get the job done.

People who feel safer are less prone to the debilitating effects of stress, which is the number one factor in many illnesses and a leading cause of on-the-job accidents. The increased confidence, coupled with an increased sense of calm, can mean a long-term cost savings for an employer. Less stress means less stress-related illnesses, less lost time due to illness, fewer accidents, and higher productivity. Without the burden of stress-related paralysis, employees are more energetic, quick-thinking, and relaxed - making them more productive members of your organization.

Martial Arts-based self-defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale and enhance team work. Feelings of weakness, social anxiety, and concern for one's safety, by any one individual, can cause stress on an entire employee group. Many employees live in fear of making the wrong decisions, some care little for their job - expecting to be paid for time rather than productivity - and others suffer from poor interpersonal skills.

The difference between a company with a workforce made up of positive, powerful, and productive people and one that is not, is quite obvious. Emotional and psychological barriers to personal achievement can prevent a team from functioning productively. A properly structured program allows team members to come together in a supportive environment to learn important skills. With the help of co-workers, individuals with weaker skill sets learn to overcome obstacles and fears that may be holding them back, and safely become leaders in their own right within their groups.

Self-defense training improves creative problem solving skills. Self defense training can help employees learn to creatively overcome obstacles to success. This type of training can develop and/or improve problem-solving abilities, creativity, and "outside the box" thinking. Employees learn to think "strategically", providing their company with the ability to identify symptoms and root causes of problems and determine both corrective and preventive actions, leading to less wasted time, money, and other resources in having to repeatedly "replace band-aids."

Employees may experience a greater sense of happiness and peace of mind. Happier employees provide many benefits for their company. Individuals who have a confident, positive outlook on life are less likely to be threatened by change, become defensive with others, or lash out at others verbally, physically, or emotionally when things don't go smoothly. Martial arts-based self defense training is known to be a source of personal empowerment and confidence, providing a person with the ability to be in control of him or herself. It is this type of person that tends to attract and affect others in a positive way, making them a valuable asset to any company.

Some Other Benefits of Self Defense Training Besides the obvious enhancement of personal safety, this type of training, if properly structured and implemented, offers many benefits that can elevate the quality of life on both a personal and professional level.

Krav Maga training offers a range of other benefits :

  • Help families to get closer through physical and emotional interaction required in learning to deal with conflict
  • Develops a greater sense of balance and fine motor skills
  • Increased self confidence and self-control
  • Creates a new level of respect for others
  • Teaches goal-setting and improves organizational & leadership skills
  • Provides an energy outlet (stress relief) which promotes a non-aggressive attitude
  • Develops assertiveness while reducing aggressiveness
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle
  • Promotes a higher level of mental (what is happening around you), emotional (what state are your emotions in, in what state of emotion are those with whom you are interacting), environmental (aware of your surroundings) and physical awareness in everyday work and social lives & interactions
  • Teaches the concept of progression
  • Enhances patience
  • Provides a "teamwork" experience
  • Take control of your emotional well-being
  • Learn to recognize, handle and manage fear in all aspects of life
  • Develop the most powerful weapon available - your intelligence!
  • Teaches quick decision-making
  • Overcome complacency and bad habits that can make you a prime target for victimization
  • Learn to apply prevention and avoidance strategies that are consistent with your individual lifestyle
  • Learn to "check" your ego and let go of your pride
  • Learn training methods and strategies that can be practiced after completing the program that will enable you to maintain higher levels of personal safety, health and fitness
  • Teach you to evaluate a self defense training resource for practicality and realistic effectiveness
  • Learn to have grace under pressure
  • Develop greater concentration abilities
  • Become a role model
  • Make new friends and have lots of fun!!!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Covered during the Course?+
1Our self-defence courses are designed for the everyday person. All our courses cover personal safety awareness in your daily life as well as focusing on easy to remember and effective physical self-defence techniques.

The Basic 1 Hour Workshop Covers:
  • Personal safety talk and how to be safe in your daily life
  • Drug rape awareness: information on and avoidance of the alarming rise of drinks being spiked (this applies to both men and women – 11% of drug rape reports are made by men)
  • Identification of risk situations and avoidance
  • Teaching participants practical & highly effective self-defence skills
  • Identifying target areas on an attacker’s body
  • Victim mentality
  • Educate participants that they have choices when they are faced with an attack situation
  • Understanding the violent mind
  • Breakdown misconceptions of rape/violence
  • Build confidence in your own capabilities
  • Why verbal diffusion is so important
Do you train men and women? +
Yes, our workshops are open to both men and women. However, we prefer to teach these groups separately. This is done for a handful of reasons. The patterns of attack tend to be different for males and females. Generally, any male attack is front-facing and invariably does not have a sexual motive. A female attack perpetrated by a man typically has a sexual motive and is from behind. Therefore, the types of defence techniques taught vary to deal with the different attack patterns.

In addition, women tend to feel more comfortable in a group with just women when subjects such as rape and sexual abuse are discussed. Our self-defence workshops focus on inclusion. We have cultivated and open environment and encourage openness and participation. Our group sessions and workshops at Contact Combat India normally have a balanced mix of men, women and young adults.
Is this a martial arts course? +
No. Contact Combat India has designed their courses specifically with the everyday person in mind. We have grounded our courses in real life safety awareness concerns and real-life attack patterns based on Krav Maga for realistic, effective, and easy to remember ‘street’ self-defence techniques.
Is the training held in house?+
The corporate self defence workshop/seminar can be conducted either at the organization or at our Self Defense Academy in Gurugram/CR Park
How much space is needed to train? +
A space no bigger than an average sized meeting room. Some of our clients clear a small area in the office canteen. If your company does not have a small space like this then the workshop can be conducted at Contact Combat India premises.
Does the company need any equipment?+
Contact Combat India shall provide all the necessary training equipment.
Is there a min & max number of participants for a course? +
We require a minimum number of 20 participants in one corporate self-defence workshop. This gives us ample opportunity to provide comprehensive teaching. Two instructors will be present if the numbers exceed 20.
How much do the workshops cost? +
Please contact us here for information on costs.
What is the duration of the course? +
The workshop duration can be anywhere between 1 – 4 hours, depending on the company’s requirement.
o you have to be fit to do the course? +
You do not have to be fit or sporty. Self-defence training is a life skill and not a fitness or martial arts class

Contact us today here and let us design a program that is right for your company!