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Regular Krav Maga Classes

Krav Maga was initially developed as a self-defense system for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), focusing on counter-attack and threat neutralization strategies that are practical and efficient. Due to its emphasis on real-world self-defense techniques, Krav Maga is recommended by experts in martial arts, as well as by military personnel, police officers and fighters of various styles. Beginners can immediately appreciate and benefit from the logical techniques and practical uses of Krav Maga, while advanced practitioners aim to increase their physical power and to refine and strengthen their responses to a wide variety of threats.

Krav Maga is a Hebrew phrase meaning "contact combat". The IDF, the Israel Police and security services in Israel officially train in Krav Maga, using its techniques in combat and in self- defense. Public schools and other education centers in Israel also comprehensively teach Krav Maga.

Krav Maga began to spread from Israel in the early 1980s, becoming part of tactical self-defense training for police, security and military in nations across the world. Classes teaching Krav Maga to the public can be found internationally and can be made suitable for all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.

The skills taught in Krav Maga have been specifically adapted to respond to real-world threats. Techniques are selected for efficiency and refined when necessary; and have been proven to work in a variety of situations, including on the streets and in combat zones. Krav Maga is primarily an aggressive and direct form of self-defense.

The Basic Principles of Krav Maga are:

  • Focus on real-world situations and extreme efficiency
  • Simple and instinctive movements.
  • Effectively usable by both men and women
  • No dependence on strength, age or physical characteristics
  • Learnable in a relatively short time.