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Kaustav Sehgal

Director, Civilian Self Defense​

Kaustav Sehgal has taught self defense and unarmed combat to military, security professionals, law enforcement and civilians across India. Kaustav’s tryst with martial arts began at an early age with a black belt in Taekwondo. However, neither his belt nor his subsequent training in competitive MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) would help him during a street fight where he was stabbed and severely wounded by a completely untrained attacker. Humiliated and angry, he realized true self defense has nothing to do with “martial arts" and that martial arts training was actually getting people hurt, crippled and even killed on the streets. This realization fueled his search for realistic self defense techniques that culminated with his discovery of Krav Maga, the contact combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces.

​ Since then, Kaustav has trained under some of the world’s leading Krav Maga experts including Amnon Darsa, Vikram Kapoor, Avi Moyal, Avshalom Dahan and Eyal Yanilov.

He is one of few instructors who can trace the lineage of his training directly back to Imi Lichtenfeld,the founder of Krav Maga. In addition to being a senior civilian instructor,

Kaustav holds numerous certifications in:
Mixed Martial Arts & Krav Maga
VIP Protection
Russian Kettlebell Training
Kids' Krav Maga
Functional Fitness Training

Kaustav’s varied clientele include well known names in the field of industry and entertainment such as :
Trained Rani Mukherjee for her role as an expert hand to hand combatant in the movie Mardaani.
Arjun Wallia (Wallsons Group , Securitas India)
Ashok Masti (Musician)
Sahil Bhatia (Baani Group)