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Corporate Self Defense Classes

Delhi is one of the most unsafe cities in the world. Nearly 70% of women in Delhi have been victims of physical, mental and sexual harassment, the effects of which may persist for a lifetime. In most such incidents, perpetrators seldom face judgement and are further emboldened to repeat their actions. Women are rarely allowed to feel safe in public spaces or transport.

​ The only viable solution is to empower women to be willing and able to defend themselves. There is a common assumption among women that resisting and counter attacking the attacker might aggravate him and make him more violent. This assumption is incorrect, and it repels women from learning self defense. Self defense training equips women with the skill and confidence to decide whether to hit back or not. It is better to have the tools and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

​ In light of recent criminal activities especially against women in Delhi, we have started our "Safe In Delhi" Campaign. As part of this initiative, we are conducting realistic self defense workshops across the NCR region. This workshop will equip the attendees to protect themselves against situations like eve teasing, rape, mugging and assaults.

​ Even from a non-fitness point of view, 52% of employees in India are unhealthy (medium to high health risk), and companies in India lose upto Rs. 500 crores each year in direct and indirect costs (insurance, medical expenses, absenteeism). Business owners today don’t look at fitness as an employee engagement activity, but as a tool to improve the efficiency, productivity and as a workplace improvement measure. We specialize in custom designed workouts for your employees based on specific requirements, either in office premises or in our studio.

Contact Combat India teaches how to apply the principles, tactics, techniques and training methods of Krav Maga in your professional environment as well as in your private life. Under the guidance of top instructors, you will experience Krav Maga training first-hand and discuss its implications for both the boardroom and the corporate world.

The structure, content, methods and length of each Boardroom Warriors workshops are determined together with the client to meet long-term organizational priorities. Fully modular and adaptable, workshop topics include: